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Quick Update

Uh, the domain is probably going to go on a more official hiatus soon, both because I want to drastically reorganize the content and change the backend to something more complex and educational for me, and also because I don't really have regular internet access anymore. But if there's anything you really want to see me do with my crazy collection of sites, now's a good time to tell me?

Also, Renaissance got a bunch of small updates, including a new affiliate and fanart. The latter is by me, and thus, crappy.
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Black and White

Stage One of my Nash revamp project is complete. Stage two should hopefully be forthcoming. I have a bunch of stuff planed for this site and the whole of the domain, but only time will tell if I become unlazy enough to actually get stuff done.

Also, I want to buy myself a paid account for Christmas, but I don't think I'd deserve it. I like, never ever post.
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New Layout at Aria

My fanlist collective has a new layout, featuring Suikoden V artwork and characters.

I wanted to try something stylistically different, and use anime imagery and an aesthetic borrowed from TAFL more than TFL. Which I guess means "fun and busy" to me. Orange and green, my new favorite webdesign colors, are included.

I need to figure out something to do with that footer, though. I just can't figure out what.
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Link updates, endgame.

So, yesterday I gave endgame a facelift. I've been meaning to do this for a while, because as much as I love Lezard, I hated those layouts I made with him in them. The thing is with Endgame I've been trying to stick to a villain theme, especially the crafty kinds, because those are about the only sort I like. And after trying and failing to make a Gizel Godwin layout I was satisfied with, I just went for the ultimate scheming bastard and stuck him on a page with lots of primary colors. I'm pretty much not going to be able to top this character for the theme, so I might as well bring him out early and get it over with.

Endgame likewise has some updated links. I deleted the Soul Caliber section because I realized I don't care about Soul Caliber. (Even if Lloyd is in it!) But I added a Valkyrie Profile section and a lot of new sites, so that makes me happy.

Renaissance likewise has some new links. It's also the spotlight site at lisamio's domain at the moment. (Janice is always way too nice to me!)

Valiant Knife gets itself a new link exchange. I also installed an RSS script that puts the entries here on the front page of the site. (seasonalplume's stuff runs half of my site.)

Plugging: Two new(ish?) Final Fantasy shrines, Shinobi and Poltergeist. I've been enjoying the read :)
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That's right, it's done. There are probably still some stuff that's off, especially because my connection has been iffy for the past week and a half, and the server's been down for an hour, but, goddamnit, I finished typing up all the pages, and it should work now.

I've been so ashamed about Renaissance for basically a year, because this should be my site, the one that defines what my shrines are about. I've had this thing since 2003, for goodness sakes. It's Locke. I love Locke. And even if it's never been my most popular site by any stretch, Renaissance was always supposed to be my best.

And then I switched my domains when I was halfway through a revamp, lost a bunch of files, and switched computers, and it lingered in this horrible nether-dimension of half existence and outdated links. Over the summer I wasn't inspired to work on it, but I held off on all my other ideas for other sites because this one should be up first, dammit, and it kind of stunted my creativity. When I actually let myself work on other projects the motivation to work on this one came back naturally. But still, it's unacceptable. And now that it's done I don't know if it was worth the wait.

Still, I, uh, think I rewrote or added something to every page. Some of the content has been rearranged and put under different headings, or been combined with other pages, but it's all still there. Uh, yeah, lots of stuff. Two great new affiliates that I didn't add for way, way too long. A few new content pages, including one for Locke's hair and that essay about rebirth that I wanted to write for a while. So. Renaissance. It's done.
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Small updates.

Libertine has a new affiliate in noctem's awesome Vincent shrine, Elegy. You should all visit it. Like you haven't already. Also, my connections been really crappy lately. Bah. Bah! So, some of the new layout/content didn't upload. (Like the entire site section.) But I think that's been fixed now.

Valiant Knife has a few minor twinks here and there, perhaps most notably in the hyper pretentious about section.

Also, I'm in the middle of fixing the 404 page at the network. The new page features Cecil and an unfortunate elf. I have to come up with something for the 403 that isn't Dorian Gray. Hahahah. Fat chance.

But yeah, I'm not dead, and I have a lot of things to get up in the coming weeks. I'm really psyched to be working on websites right now.
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Libertine Lives

That's it, after this I'm going to bed.

But Libertine has been updated. And by updated, I mean I think I changed every page on the site.

And by "think I changed" I mean "mostly reformatted" but there are whole paragraphs of new content if you want to look properly.

But it's 2:30 AM so if it doesn't all work I don't care and you'll just have to wait until morning.
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By the hoary hosts of...

Or really, I just gave my fanlistings collective a new layout. Yeah, I'm aware you shouldn't mix primaries, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway, I wanted to try making a layout with comics, which is something I've never done before! It turned out to be like making a layout from any other sort of images.

Plugging: forblueskies, oleandergirl's latest domain. Man, I really want a personal site again...I even have a name picked out. Too bad I've become the world's worst at keeping sites updated, eh?
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Not dead.

I've been spending most of my time working on the Locke Site That Would Not Die, or, evidently, let me revamp, and I'm kinda trying to not work on other things till I get that done. Hence, no updates. Oh, don't act like you cared :P I have a huge backlog of link updates and affiliation stuffs I'll do this weekend. I'm horrible, it's just that I want Renaissance to at the least fit the name.

But I adopted the Master & Commander fanlisting, and I gave Just Deserts a new layout. Yeah, I don't know what's up with that one, it confuses me.